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How to add waypoints to a route?

There are two ways to add waypoints to a route.

First is by clicking the map or clicking a POI or a search results. In the popup, you will get a Directions button, and when you click it, you have Directions from/to here and Add a waypoint:

Or in the directions Panel, click the little flag on the right to select a favorite or add a waypoint. Then you will get a new input to enter your waypoint.

You can also reorder the waypoints by dragging the marker on the left of each waypoint in the Directions Panel.

You cannot "drag" a point of the route, because that doesn't work very well on touch screens but basically, you can point the place where you want to add a waypoint. Once the route is calculated, you can drag and drop the markers (start / end / waypoint) to recalculate the route dynamically.

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