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What is the "Share favorites across your devices" option for?

By default, Maps Pro will share your favorites across all your Windows devices. When you save a new favorite on your desktop for instance, it will appear on your other tablet if they are both using the same Microsoft account.

To share favorites, Maps Pro uses the "roaming" mechanism of Windows, which synchronize your applications data in the background. Your favorites are stored on your hard drive in:

While this is working great in most cases, but roaming is limited by Windows. The maximum quota is 100Ko. If you have a few hundreds of favorites, you might exceed this limit. To be able to add more favorites, you need to disable the "Share favorites across your devices" option in Maps Pro > Menu > Help > Options. Then stop Maps Pro. Open a Windows Explorer and copy:

Then restart Maps Pro. Your favorites are now shared locally, so you can add as many as you like

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