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Why is my location offset when using Google Maps but not Google Satellite in China?

Some users noticed that their position was offset when using the standard Google Maps basemap but ok when using Google Satellite.

This issue actually comes from China regulations that use offset GPS positionning. Unfortunately, there is nothing Maps Pro can do as the Google Maps data is already offset.

More information in this blog post A More Complete iOS Solution to the China GPS Offset Problem

Most data providers follow these regulations. A Maps Pro user in China confirmed that Google Map (Map), Nokia, Nokia mobile and Gaod all show an offset position.

OpenStreetMap data seem to be the only one not to be offset so Mapnik, MapQuest and OpenCyclemap for instance show the correct location. Google Maps Satellite also shows the correct location.

From Version 57, Maps Pro now has a option called "GPS offset in China" in the options page. If you use this option, Maps Pro will correct the offset automatically when looking for directions or Points Of Interest

If you are using Maps Pro in China, you need to do two things:
  • Stop using Google Maps basemap, use an OpenStreetMap one, such as "MapQuest"
  • Toggle the option "GPS offset in China" in the options panel

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