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What are the "Built-in GPS / Wifi location", "Bluetooth GPS" and "USB GPS" options?

In Maps Pro, you can choose from three options:
  • Built-in GPS / Wifi location / GPSDirect, including
  • Bluetooth GPS
  • USB GPS (only available in Windows 10). With this option, you don't need  to run any external software such as GPSDirect.
These options are availble from My position > GPS Settings or Help > Options.

If you have an Bluetooth GPS, you first need to make sure it is paired correctly with Windows. Then once you select "Bluetooth GPS", it should be listed and you will be able to connect to it.

Bluetooth GPS is mainly for devices that don't have a GPS chipset or that can't run the GPSDirect software (such as the Microsoft Surface RT). Maps Pro will read the GPS data directly from your Bluetooth device and retrieve your coordinates / speed / altitude.

Maps Pro is currently the only application in the Windows Store able to read and display GPS data coming from Bluetooth devices and USB devices!

If you need support concerning GPS support, please email

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