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How to set a default icon on overlays?

Maps Pro reads the style informations contained in your custom overlays. KML and KMZ files can contain styles directly into the file, such as polygon color, line width or icon assigned to markers (optionnal).

The GPX file format has no way to set an icon for a GPX waypoint, so Maps Pro will display a default grey marker on the map instead.

Maps Pro allows you to choose a default icon which will replace the default grey icon.

To set a default icon, go to Menu > Overlays > Add GPX/KML/... files >  Pick your overlay in the list and the appbar will open at the bottom. Click options and click "Choose a default icon".

Windows will open a file browser where you can choose your image file (PNG / JPG / GIF / BMP accepted). Once you picked your file, Maps Pro will automatically reload the overlay, so you just need to press the back button to go back to the map.

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