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How do I import geotagged photos (EXIF data) in Maps Pro?

Maps Pro does not support geotagged photos out-of-the-box.

But you can easily work around this limitation by creating an overlay that will contain both the images and the locations. This file is a KMZ file that you will be able to use in Maps Pro or Google Earth.

There are several tools online that will help you create that KMZ file. Easiest one is GPS Visualizer:

This form will allow you to create your KMZ file. On the right, you will see "Upload your GPS data files here". There you can upload your pictures one by one (click "show additionnal file input boxes" for more). Then "Create KML file", then download the created file and open it in Maps Pro: right-click the KMZ file > Open with > Maps Pro.

The images will be shown on the map

To check if your images have the necessary EXIF informations, use this nice tool:

If you run into any issue, please email

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