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  1. After downloading offline maps, the application is stuck on the loading screen (orange spinning dots)

  2. Can I have Maps Pro in [my language]?

  3. Can't install/update Maps Pro from the Windows Store, error code 0x80070002

  4. Can't install/update Maps Pro from the Windows Store, error code 0x80073CF0

  5. Can't install/update Maps Pro from the Windows Store, error code 0x80073CFG

  6. Guide: How to connect to a USB GPS (GlobalSat BU 353 S4)

  7. Guide: How to import an Excel / CSV file and plot it on the map

  8. How can I use my USB / Bluetooth GPS receiver?

  9. How do I access Google Street View?

  10. How do I add a favorite?

  11. How do I add my own basemap (WMS, TMS, ...)?

  12. How do I change the icon of a favorite?

  13. How do I delete a favorite?

  14. How do I download maps for offline use?

  15. How do I download maps for the entire USA, down to the street level for offline use?

  16. How do I get directions to a point on the map?

  17. How do I import geotagged photos (EXIF data) in Maps Pro?

  18. How do I move a favorite?

  19. How do I open TCX files with Maps Pro?

  20. How do I report a translation error?

  21. How do I search for an address when offline?

  22. How do I use data I downloaded in Here Maps in Maps Pro?

  23. How do I use Maps Pro as the default Maps application (connected with contacts in People App)?

  24. How to add waypoints to a route?

  25. How to change the settings from km to miles

  26. How to check if my hardware is compatible with Vector Maps?

  27. How to contact the Maps Pro team?

  28. How to delete a map I downloaded for offline use?

  29. How to determine the latitude and longitude of a location on the map?

  30. How to download image tiles along a path?

  31. How to fix error #-2147024809 when using downloaded maps?

  32. How to get a refund?

  33. How to have audio working when using Windows "N" edition?

  34. How to import favorites from a GPX file?

  35. How to know which areas are covered by Street View?

  36. How to make the application follow my position / direction of travel?

  37. How to migrate my offline maps to another device?

  38. How to move Windows 10 notifications to the upper-right corner?

  39. How to open a GPX / CSV / KML / KMZ / GeoJSON / PDF file in Maps Pro?

  40. How to print a map?

  41. How to remove an overlay from the list?

  42. How to set a default icon on overlays?

  43. How to update a map I downloaded for offline use?

  44. How to update Maps Pro via the Windows Store?

  45. Maps Pro doesn't find my exact location, I am miles away

  46. Overlays with thousands of points are slowing down the app, how to fix that?

  47. Some countries and states names on the map are in chinese

  48. Vector maps are not displayed correctly, what should I do?

  49. What are the "Built-in GPS / Wifi location", "Bluetooth GPS" and "USB GPS" options?

  50. What are the available keyboard shortcuts?

  51. What is the "Share favorites across your devices" option for?

  52. What is the "Vector Maps zoom factor" option?

  53. Which GPS devices are compatible with Maps Pro?

  54. Why did the voice function stop working?

  55. Why is my location offset when using Google Maps but not Google Satellite in China?

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