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Vector maps are not displayed correctly, what should I do?

Maps Pro uses some recent technologies (such as WebGL) to be able to display very detailed maps at any zoom level. Also, your download might have been interrupted and left Maps Pro in a bad state but that can be fixed manually.

This page present the most common issues and what you can do to fix it. If you run into issues and can't figure it out, please email directly.

Vector maps don't display anything, not even the world basemap

Maps Pro uses technologies such as "WebGL" which rely on the power of your graphic card to render maps while offline.

Depending on your hardware, WebGL might not be available but most recent computers will support it without any issue. To check if your hardware will support Vector Maps, go to this page in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge:

A Map should be displayed, like on this screenshot:

If your graphic card doesn't support WebGL, the map could appear as a white canvas.

To fix that, install the latest drivers for your graphic card, reboot and try the page again.

If the test works fine, it means that the issue is not an issue with your graphic card but something might have gone wrong while extracting files on your hard drive.
In the destination folder you picked, there should be a folder called "Vector_Bright". This folder should contains at least 8 folders, names from "1" to "8", like this:

If that is not your case, you will need do download the file manually and extract it. Please download the following file:

Then, empty the "Vector_Bright" folder and unzip in this folder. This should bring back the very first zoom levels. Try zooming out, to make sure you are not at street level already.

 If you still get nothing displayed, please email to get customer support.

Street names and other texts are not displayed

If texts are not displayed, it could mean that the fonts are missing, maybe the download was interrupted. It would give a result like this:

During your first download, Maps Pro will download font files for every character in all languages (latin, cyrillic, chinese, etc.). They should all be placed in a folder called "maps_pro_fonts". Here is what it should look like in Windows Explorer:

If it doesn't look like that in your case, you will need to empty the "maps_pro_fonts" folder, download this file and unzip it in "maps_pro_fonts":

Then restart Maps Pro and the fonts will be displayed correctly

The Vector Maps seem to be missing most roads and names

For better performances, when you browse Vector Maps, Maps Pro will generated files on you hard drive which will speed up the map display next time you come to this area.

Depending on the order of some of your actions, these files might be wrong and you need to delete them because they are not valid anymore.

For instance, if you download the world basemap only and zoom on a city, for instance Sarajevo in Bosnia. Because the world basemap is limited to a few levels, if you zoom in, you will have something like this:

At this point, Maps Pro will save in these performance files, this state of the map.
Now, you download the country file for Bosnia and restart Maps Pro. Maps Pro will retrieve the previous state and display the exact same map.

What you need to do is go to your download folder and open the "Vector_Bright" folder. There should be some folders, at least from "1" to "8" and you might have more, from "9" to "15".

Delete the folders which are named from "9" to "15" and restart Maps Pro.

Here is what you should get now, the full vector maps with street names, points of interest, etc:

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